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PE and Sport Premium



Sport Premium is an amount of money which the government has agreed to allocate to schools to increase the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision, and increase participation in PE and Sport. The funding amount received by schools is based upon the number of children of primary age at the school and a lump sum.

At Alwoodley Primary School the PE team (Miss Nicola Rick, Mrs K Wighton, Mr J Moorhouse and Mr S Manning) have the responsibility for developing PE and Sport and deciding upon the effective use of Sport Premium Funding. Our school already has an excellent reputation for Sport and P.E. and we are proud of all of our sporting achievements. We welcome the additional funding, which will further enhance our provision and provide additional opportunities for increased participation.


The following table shows how Alwoodley Primary School intends to spend the 2017/2018 Sports Premium money (£19,640)






Investing in the Leeds PE and School Sport Offer

( Active Schools)












  • Professional development for staff which will impact on teaching and learning in PE
  • Extensive competition programme for KS1 and KS2
  • Play on the pitch events
  • Non-competitive festivals for Foundation, KS1 and KS2
  • Access to a range of SSP (School Sport Partnerships) programmes
  • Membership to YST (Youth Sports Trust) and Leeds School Sports Association
  • Resources to support the 30 / 30 Scheme
  • Excellent range in what we offer to the children across school as part of their PE curriculum
  • Improved teaching and learning
  • Wider opportunities for participation across all age ranges


  • Active schools SLA£1200


  • Transport to competitions and other sporting events (estimate based on previous years spend)£2700



  • Skipping School  £2000


CPD for all staff provided by Leeds Beckett University


CPD for Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2 staff



  • Professional development for staff which will impact on teaching and learning in PE



  • Weekly Team Teaching with Sports Coach
  • Improved teaching and learning






  • Improved teaching and learning



  • Leeds Beckett University





  • S Manning


Investment in playtime leaders at lunchtimes

  • Qualified coach teaching a range of games to the children outside of their PE provision
  • Increased participation and activity at playtime. Research shows that an increase in activity will have a positive impact on concentration in the classroom
  • S Manning



  • Premier Sports



A wide range of extra-curricular clubs led by approved specialists

  • Pupils are experiencing a wider breadth of sports
  • Increased participation across all age ranges (Please see our link to extra- curricular provision)
  • Premier Sports




  • L Jakes Dance


  • J Pawson



  • S Manning

Range of Sports



Curriculum enrichment


  • PE will enhance other subjects. We are making more cross curricular links and ensuring that the pupils understand how PE links to other areas
  • Increased attainment in other subjects and increased activities in core and foundation subjects
  • Maths of the day subscription



Investment in emotional health and well-being

  • We have seen the benefits of the yoga teaching we invest in for year six around their SATs. Children have reported that this helps them to feel relaxed.
  • To further develop our work on emotional well-being, we have researched other projects which will benefit our pupils. We will invest in a 4 year project with Mini Mermaids.
  • Staff development – some staff now lead yoga activities in golden time
  • Increased emotional well-being for the pupils
  • Yoga         £200







  • Mini Mermaids


New PE equipment and storage

  • By using a wide range of equipment we want our children to experience a wider range of sports.
  • Equipment is bought that caters for all ages and abilities providing greater access across the school



Total Projected Cost



Sustainability Statement

It is important to us at Alwoodley Primary School that our Sports Premium funding is spent in a sustainable way which actively promotes sport and physical activity, encourages children to participate, increases pupil engagement and has a positive impact on pupil's physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, skills and behaviour.

We do this by:

  • Investing in our staff CPD through coaching provided by specialist sports coaches and specialist P.E. teachers;
  • Using the expertise we have within our own staff to support, coach and train other members of staff;
  • Our model for 2017/18 has been to invest in the CPD for KS1 teachers and the impact has been all KS1 teachers are teaching PE. Our vision is to keep this sustainable by widening our CPD focus into lower KS2
  • Using the funding to make it possible for our children to participate in sports competitions and tournaments during and outside of school time;
  • Supporting the provision of sports after school clubs;
  • Monitoring the impact to inform future spending;
  • Purchasing sports equipment.




Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety 2018


What percentage of our current Year 6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?


What percentage of our current Year 6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke)?


What percentage of our current Year 6 cohort perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations?


Schools can choose to use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to provide additional provision for swimming but this must be for activity over and above the national curriculum requirements. Have we used it in this way?



Impact Statement 2017

(based on use of 2016-2017 Sport Premium Funding)


•   Pupil participation in sporting activity remains high as a result of our

    membership to active schools. All classes receive a minimum of 2 hours PE

    per week and 72% of pupils participated in extra-curricular activity in the

    2016 - 2017 academic year.


•   There has been another increase on previous year in the schools participation

    in sporting competitions and festivals in school and beyond. Data collected

    towards the School Games Award supports this: We entered 13 level 1

    competitions and 9 level 2 with B teams attending 4 of these events.


•   Active Schools’ membership has had a significant impact on improved sports

    provision at Alwoodley Primary School. It also provides access to high quality

    facilities, equipment and professional expertise. It will continue to be a priority

    for funding. Data upon increased participation is available.


•   The school participated in more sporting events as a result of additional

    funding for coaches and transport.


•   Teacher’s professional development, skills and confidence in coordinating PE

    provision has improved as a result of specific training.


•   For the second consecutive year, the school achieved the Gold ‘School Games

    Award’ as part of this initiative.


•   The payment of coaches to organise and teach after school sports has ensured

    that there is a wide range of activities on offer for children and that

    participation levels remain high. This forms a small part of our sporting

    provision as staff also provide sports clubs and support children at events

    such as netball tournaments, football tournaments, cricket etc.


•   Increased activity in other curriculum areas as a result of Maths of the Day

    subscription and training. This teaching style is now adopted in other subject

    areas as a result of staff training led by subject leader.


•   We support partners from beyond our own school setting with PE and sport

    initiatives. For example a group of School Direct students were trained in PE

    at our setting and they received additional training around how to plan

    active lessons with our subject leader.


•   Increased levels of activity at playtimes as a result of the investment in

    playground leaders. Playground leader staff have targeted specific pupils

    (for example PP) to get involved in active playtimes.


•   Links have been made with the local high school and Leeds Beckett University

    to promote even more activity at playtimes with their playground leaders.


•   Y3/4 participating in 1K a day (Spring and Summer terms) and recording their

    own personal best times. This has proved very motivational for those children

    who do not want to participate in competition against others.


•   Evidence of high levels of participation is available through club registers.


•   PE, sport and physical activity is shared with and supported by the parents.

    We sent out a survey at the end of the year to gather parent views.

    Findings from this are available.


•   Increased opportunity for swimming resulted in the majority of our pupils

    being able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance

    of at least 25 metres by the end of Y6.