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We want everyone to be in a happy,
healthy and safe learning environment

School Council

We have a school council for children and staff to discuss important issues raised by children. The council members are 1 representative from each class in years 1 - 6 who change each term. We meet every Friday lunchtime. We are the voice of the children. 


Our Motto is:

Voices of the Future

Autumn Term 2018

Summary of work completed this term:

  • Elliot’s Footprint

School Council’s idea of having a “Wear Red Day” raised £359 for this year’s chosen charity – Elliot’s Footprint.






Summer Term 2018

This term the School Council worked on the following topics:

  • Sports Day

Everybody was happy to receive the lovely new certificates for taking part in Sports Day.

The Egg and Spoon, Sack Race and Obstacle Race was very popular.

  • Summer Fair

The addition of hair colour sprays to the hair braiding area – great idea.

More music throughout the afternoon added to the community atmosphere.

  • Community Day

Every class took part in an activity to build community links e.g. the choir sang at a Maecare event and Y3 painted pebbles and left them in the local area for people to find.

  • Summer Reading Challenge

School Council delivered assemblies with great enthusiasm to promote the Summer Reading Challenge. They answered the children’s questions and emphasised Mrs Wyatt’s treat for completing the challenge!


Well Done School Council!




Spring Term 2018

This term the School Council worked on the following topics:

  • Recruitment of Deputy Head

Every member of the School Council was involved in the recruitment of the new Deputy Head for September 2018. They consulted their classes about which questions to ask and interviewed all the candidates. They were commended by the candidates for their insightful questions and professional approach.

  • School Council Motto

Suggestions for the motto were discussed and whittled down to a final 3. All children voted for their favourite. It was a unanimous decision to have “Voices of the Future” as the School Council motto.

  • Guardian Angels and Playground Buddies

These new roles were introduced and children in each class were recruited to cover the roles. Meetings took place to discuss the roles and job descriptions were agreed.

  • Alwoodley’s Got Talent Judges

The KS2 School Council reps had the unenviable job of judging the amazing acts on Alwoodley’s Got Talent. It was hard!

  • Community Youth Summit

KS2 School Council Reps gave their ideas on local issues and youth activities to Councillor Dan Cohen and Richard Cracknell (Children’s Services). They were treated to a lovely lunch in the canteen.


Well Done School Council!




Autumn Term 2017

This term the School Council worked on the following topics:


Candlelighters Charity

The Lord Mayor wrote to the School Council asking them to support the Candlelighters charity. The Candlelighters are based in Leeds and support families who are facing children’s cancer across Yorkshire. Our School Council responded with a vengeance! Their idea to hold a Toys and Games Sale resulted in £212 funds. We had so many games and toys donated that we had a stall at the recent Christmas Fair which bumped up the figure to £415.

Dining Room

The children introduced music at lunchtimes to enhance their dining experience. We now have live music on Monday lunchtimes from our talented musicians!


We also recruited some lunchtime monitors and reinforced our policy of children on packed lunches being able to dine with those on school dinners.


We made some changes to the lunchtime menu. On Thursdays in 2018, roast dinner will alternate with a dish from around the world.



Playground Equipment

New equipment added to all 3 playgrounds – skipping ropes, footballs, soft balls, new bats, Frisbees, hoola hoop bags, tennis balls, hoola skippers and new rugby balls.

Large football nets moved into Y5 / Y6 playground.

New rota for MUGA and playground equipment for 2018.



Well Done School Council!




Summer Term 2017

This term the School Council worked on the following topics:

Summer Fair

Churros, corn on the cob and pizzas were added to the food offering - everything was sold out!

Fun on scooters in the MUGA was introduced.

A new colouring competition was a big hit with the children.

Everybody of all ages enjoyed the new game - Hook a Duck.

Miss Langley (previous Headteacher) was invited to judge the Fancy Dress Competition.


The children voted unanimously to keep the chickens and have more involvement in their care. As a result, many more children have visited the hens this term and teachers have planned lessons around them.

  • Summer Reading Challenge

School Council delivered and assembly to promote the Summer Reading Challenge dressed as animals!


You did an amazing job School Council!




Spring Term 2017

This term the School Council were involved in giving their views on the following topics:

  • School Dinners

Many favourites were kept on the new menu and new items were added.

  • Toilets

Mr Cowpe repaired some doors, locks, taps and flushes.

  • History

Favourite topics were identified. All the children loved using Google expeditions!

  • Feeling Safe in School

Two Governors attended this meeting to hear how the children felt. Y5 / Y6 buddies are now in the KS1 playground. The Snake Area and Not So Bare Bear Area are being used at playtimes by the younger children.

  • Anti-Bullying Policy

This led to a major piece of work involving discussion, poster making and design resulting in an anti-bullying campaign which is visible around school. Four of the posters are in the picture below.


Brilliant Job!

Picture 1

Autumn Term 2016

The School Council spent time discussing whether to have hand driers in our toilets.

Each School Council representative asked their class to list the advantages and disadvantages of having hand driers as opposed to paper towels.

We talked about what activities we want to do at playtimes and what games we would like to buy for indoor playtimes when it is too wet to go outside.

We wrote to the Friends of Alwoodley to ask if they would  buy us these games as a Christmas present and also to fund the purchase of some new, fun bins for our playgrounds - we found more litter in areas of the playground where there were no bins nearby. They said yes to both!