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We want everyone to be in a happy,
healthy and safe learning environment

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs Tarsem Wyatt, Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Adrian Coltman, Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Miss Jessica Hill, Assistant Headteacher
Picture 4 Miss Caroline Pattenden, Assistant Headteacher

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Maria Weston Bartholomew
Office Staff 2 Mrs Catherine Topp
Office Staff 3 Ms Sarah Hart

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Elizabeth Donno, Nursery Teacher, EYFS Leader
Teaching Staff 2 Miss Rachel Moody, Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs Julia Thompson, Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Charlotte Black, Year 1 Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Miss Nicola Rick, Year 1Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs Claire Williamson, Year 2 Teacher, KS1 Leader
Teaching Staff 7 Mr Stuart Loudon, Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs Kate Wighton,, Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs Sarah Wray, Year 4 Teacher, SENDCO
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs Nicola Nundy, Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 11 Mr James Moorhouse, Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 12 Miss Laura Wood, Year 5 Teacher
Teaching Staff 13 Miss Zoe Clarke,Year 5 Teacher
Teaching Staff 14 Mrs Melanie Denham, Year 6 Teacher, KS2 Leader
Teaching Staff 15 Miss Victoria Laxton, on Adoption Leave
Teaching Staff 16 Mrs Victoria Lambert, Support Teacher

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs Jean Walker
Support Staff 2 Miss Susan Watson
Support Staff 3 Mrs Harvinder Saund
Support Staff 4 Mrs Marje Jubb
Support Staff 5 Mrs Emma Christie
Support Staff 6 Ms Sarah Priestley
Support Staff 7 Mrs Debbie Sacks
Support Staff 8 Mrs Tabassum Shahid
Support Staff 9 Mr David Currie
Support Staff 10 Mrs Unbreen Aslam
Support Staff 11 Mrs Di Smith
Support Staff 12 Mrs Kate Howcroft
Support Staff 13 Mrs Susan Watson
Support Staff 14 Mrs Sheila Walker
Support Staff 15 Mrs Amanda Watson
Support Staff 16 Mrs Meena Purba
Support Staff 17 Mrs Carole Toothill
Support Staff 18 Mrs Andrea Myers
Support Staff 19 Mrs Samantha Manning
Support Staff 20 Mrs Helen Carden
Support Staff 21 Mrs Sarah Woolford
Support Staff 22 Mrs Nina Spence
Support Staff 23 Miss Yvonne Pitter

Lunchtime Staff

Lunchtime Staff 1 Mrs Bridget Lee
Lunchtime Staff 2 Miss Tracy Wood
Lunchtime Staff 3 Mrs Vicky Hogan
Lunchtime Staff 4 Mrs Kam Li
Lunchtime Staff 5 Mrs Jackie Tate
Lunchtime Staff 6 Mrs Minu Koshy
Lunchtime Staff 7 Mrs Ekaterina Vesselava
Lunchtime Staff 8 Mrs Nafeesa Maumoniat
Lunchtime Staff 9 Mrs Yasmin Rashid