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We want everyone to be in a happy,
healthy and safe learning environment

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs Tarsem Wyatt, Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Adrian Coltman, Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Miss Jessica Hill, Assistant Headteacher
Picture 4 Miss Caroline Pattenden, Assistant Headteacher

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Weston Bartholomew
Office Staff 2 Mrs Topp
Office Staff 3 Ms Hart

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs Elizabeth Donno, Nursery Teacher
Teaching Staff 2 Miss Nicola Rick, Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 3 MrsLucy Fox, Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs Julia Thompson, Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs Charlotte Black, Year 1 Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Miss Rachel Moody, Year 1 Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Miss Victoria Laxton, Year 2 Teacher, KS1 Leader
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs Nicola Nundy, Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 9 Mr Stuart Loudon, Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs Victoria Lambert, Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs Kate Wighton,, Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 12 Mr James Moorhouse, Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 13 Miss Zoe Clarke,Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 14 Miss Laura Wood, Year 5 Teacher
Teaching Staff 15 Mrs Claire Williamson, Year 5 Teacher, KS2 Leader
Teaching Staff 16 Mrs Sarah Wray, Year 5 Teacher, SENDCO
Teaching Staff 17 Miss Melanie Hill, Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs J Walker
Support Staff 2 Miss S Watson
Support Staff 3 Mrs H Saund
Support Staff 4 Mrs B Paxton
Support Staff 5 Mrs M Jubb
Support Staff 6 Mrs E C hristie
Support Staff 7 Ms S Priestley
Support Staff 8 Mrs D Sacks
Support Staff 9 Mrs T Shahid
Support Staff 10 Mr D Currie
Support Staff 11 Mrs U Aslam
Support Staff 12 Mr R Cosgrove
Support Staff 13 Mrs D Smith
Support Staff 14 Mr J Manners
Support Staff 15 Mrs K Howcroft
Support Staff 16 Mrs S Watson
Support Staff 17 Mrs S Walker
Support Staff 18 Mrs A Watson
Support Staff 19 Mrs M Purba
Support Staff 20 Mrs C Toothill
Support Staff 21 Mrs A Myers
Support Staff 22 Miss S Wong
Support Staff 23 Mrs A Cosgrove
Support Staff 24 Mrs H Carden
Support Staff 25 Mrs S Woolford
Support Staff 26 Mrs N Spence
Support Staff 27 Miss Y Pitter

Lunchtime Staff

Lunchtime Staff 1 Mrs J Tate
Lunchtime Staff 2 Miss T Wood
Lunchtime Staff 3 Mrs M Koshy
Lunchtime Staff 4 Mrs E Vesselava
Lunchtime Staff 5 Mrs B Lee
Lunchtime Staff 6 Mrs V Hogan
Lunchtime Staff 7 Mrs N Maumoniat
Lunchtime Staff 8 Mrs K Li
Lunchtime Staff 9 Miss K Tansey
Lunchtime Staff 10 Mrs Y Rashid
Lunchtime Staff 11 Miss T Wood