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  1. Broken up and sent in pieces to Australia – too big to send as one piece.
  2. Heat to white-hot on the sun
  3. Knocked down sky-scrapers, sent tidal waves, knocked over herds of cows
  4.  Fly and make music. The impact he has is creating a peaceful environment and they stopped making weapons.
  5. Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon thought he was easily stronger as he was so much bigger than the Iron Man – text says ‘a tiny little creature like the Iron Man challenging him to a test of strength?’
  6.  He was afraid and frightened as it says ’the Iron Man was terribly afraid’ and ‘although he was grinning he was not enjoying the flames’

  8. Feared, tried to get rid of him at the beginning. Hero and sent gifts for rescuing from the SBAD at the end.

  9.  Immense

  10. The author thinks talking is better than fighting as Hogarth talked to the Iron Man rather than calling the army and the Iron Man talked and challenged the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon rather than fighting him.