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COVID Isolation 4-8th January 2021

Could you make a puppet to go with your favourite story, Nursery Rhyme or song? You could then send us a video of your performance!

Designing, making and performing!

Still image for this video

Play Dough Recipe and Ideas

Fun with Dough!

Numbers All Around! How many different places can you find numbers around your home?Why do we need numbers in different places? Could you go on a number hunt and talk about why the numbers you find are important?

Enjoy this story about baby bear travelling to the moon! What do you know about the moon? How is it different from Planet Earth? Why do you think baby bear thought the moon was a little boring?

Whatever Next! Stories read aloud

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Stories read aloud. Read by The Story Teller. #readaloud #StorytimeAnytime

Whatever Next power point!

Could you draw some of the things you would take to the moon? You could draw your favourite food, toys and special people!

What would you take to the moon?

What special toys would you take to the moon? How would they keep you busy if the moon is boring? How many different ways could you make a moon for them to land on? What could you find at home to use as a space rocket?

If you travelled to the moon in a rocket, what kind of things would you see on Planet Earth as you looked down on it? Could you draw a picture of Planet Earth? You might include beautiful trees, flowing rivers, colourful flowers and your favourite animals!

Our Wonderful World

All about Winter! Please talk about the pictures in the power point and see if you can spot any of the signs of Winter when you are exploring outdoors!

Have you been on a Winter walk yet? Please could you go on a walk with your family and talk about how it feels outdoors and what kind of things you see. What has happened to the trees since Autumn? Can you find any frost? Please send us some photos of your walk and tell us all about what you have learnt about Winter! You could draw a picture of you outdoors in Winter. What clothes would you be wearing in your picture?

Our Wonderful Winter Drawings and Art Work!