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Curriculum Intent

When planning our curriculum, Alwoodley Primary has considered the needs of our pupils and families. We want learning to be meaningful and memorable so that our pupils are ready for the next step in their journey. Staff have drawn on each others' expertise and researched teaching methods that we know to be successful with our children. After consultation with staff, we reflected on what our curriculum offer would look like to a child in our school. This is shown on the word cloud below. We believe that our approach will create well-rounded, life long learners who are prepared for the challenges and adventures that await them.


Our curriculum intent is underpinned by the National Curriculum. Subject Leaders have worked hard to think about putting learning into meaningful contexts that will build upon each other as children progress through school.  Please see the long term plans on each subject page to see how we intend to deliver each and every subject. The way we implement our long term plans reflects the word cloud above.  If you came into one of our lessons, looked at our books or spoke to one of our pupils they would echo our approach.  We are all on a learning journey together and because of this, our staff continually reflect on the impact of our teaching through assessments, surveys, discussions, learning walks and data scrutiny. If we need to adapt our teaching, we will because the most important thing is that our pupils are challenged, prepared and happy learners.