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Each year group has a significant author. We carry out an author study and read many of their books.

In year 4, our significant author is Phillip Pullman! He is a very well-known, award winning author and we are looking forward to learning a lot more about him and comparing his different stories. In Autumn Term 1, we will be reading 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'






In Year 4 we continue to learn and enhance our VIPERS reading skills. These are reading skills that are taught earlier on in school and continue throughout. There are six skills in total and we develop these skills in our daily reading session. These sessions often take place before our 'English lessons and can last between 20-40minutes. During these reading sessions, we often read about our wider curriculum. One week we will be reading about mountains and then the next we will be reading about habitats! We often find that this helps us with our learning in foundation subjects too! 



We also read through a variety of different activities.


  • In the morning, the children read with a buddy. After listening to them read, they ask their buddy a 'VIPERS' style question.
  • We read a class novel daily during our English lesson. This term we will be reading 'After the Fall' by Dan Santat and 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Phillip Pullman, who is our significant author. Then, after reading a section from our class novel, we either answer 'VIPER' comprehension questions or use our reading to enhance our writing sessions.
  • At the end of the day, we read for pleasure. This is often time to relax and enjoy some time have a story being read to us! 4ZC are currently reading and 4VL are currently reading
  • Throughout the week, children may have an opportunity to read 1:1 with an adult in class. 


We LOVE reading! 

This half term we will be using The Iron Man as a text to help support and inspire our writing. Each week we will read a short extract from the book and complete a variety of reading activities. 


We explore characters through drama and write diary entries from different points of view. We use freeze frames to reenact big events in the story which then inspire us to write newspaper articles and we think about the different characters in the story and what they may say at different points in the story before writing speeches or playscripts!