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Hooray for Friday!

Here is the solution to yesterday's problem. 

Here's a logic puzzle for today.



Read Chapter 24 'Veruca in the Nut Room' or listen to Mrs Lambert read on the video resource centre.

Can you think of 3 words to describe Veruca Salt's character that you can deduce from this chapter? Now, can you find evidence in the text that suggests this.


Eg If I was doing this for Augustus Gloop - I might say he was greedy because it said in the text that he drank chocolate from the river even though he knew it was dangerous because he couldn't swim and his mum told him to stop.


Start with FB4

Now try the Friday family maths challenge.  Alternatively, you could use this as a catch up day.

Music - What is pulse and rhythm?

Use the following bbc bitesize link to discover how pulse and rhythm work in music.


Well done Year 3 and parents for another amazing week. I know you're getting tired but we're nearly there. Just hang on a bit longer.  All the teachers are very, very proud of you.