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Friday 12th June

Maths - Here is the Friday maths challenge from White Rose Maths it has been set by the Premier League Primary Stars - it focuses on time, follow the link:

(Remember you can use scrap paper to write on and don't need to print out.)

Maths - Challenge yourself. Here are 2 arithmetic tests, choose one to do. The extension one is a bit trickier. You don't have to print them out just work on scrap paper and then check your answers at the end.

English- Reading

Below is a reading comprehension. 

Always read the text twice before you answer the questions.  

Remember you don't have to print it out , just read it on line and answer the questions on scrap paper.Or simply read it with a grown up and answer them verbally to make it simpler. 

Can you add any questions of your own for an adult to answer?

Remember you should read at least 20 minutes everyday to yourself with no distractions - no music , television , computer or phone. So that you can really concentrate. 


Today we are doing a bit of revision from the autumn term when we investigated reversible and irreversible changes in science. Here is a BBC bitesize lesson to help you remember.

After you have finished the lesson ,have a look around your house and garden and make a list of reversible and irreversible changes. Talk to an adult about them.