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Friday 15/5/20




Miss Murphy has written a description of a badger but needs help coming up with some more exciting adjectives describe badgers.


Read the section below - look at the words written in red, can you come up with synonyms for these words? Can you re-write any of these sentences changing the words in red to more exciting adjectives?


Remember to read through your work to ensure it makes sense. 



What do badgers look like?

Badgers are mammals. Their bodies are covered in thick white fur which has black tips. Their big heads have black and white stripes. They have short legs with sharp claws that help them to dig into the ground. They also use their small noses to help move the dirt out of the way.


Redistributing from unequal to equal groups

The third lesson in the second block of lessons on multiplication, aimed at Year 1 and 2 pupils, in a series produced by the NCETM during the school closures...