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Friday 15th May


Happy Friday Year 3, well done again for working so hard this week. We are proud! To start the day, why not have a go at some of these PE teddy bear challenges? Make sure you have plenty of space or try and use a garden if you have one. You could get siblings involved and time each other doing the challenges.

Teddy Bear Challenges - PE Home Learning Activities

Flashback four


Today you are doing the 'fun friday challenge' from white rose. Summer - Week 2 - Lesson 5.

Not all questions are suitable, the guide below shows which you should have a go at. You can also have a go at any of the year 2 'Friday Maths challenges' if these are tricky:

If you need to do something easier (that isn't white rose) below is a video you could use to brush up on some money/multiplication skills ready to move on next week

Year 2 money practice - cirlce, triangle groups