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Friday 15th May

Maths - Here is the Friday family  maths challenge from White Rose Maths , follow the link 



or use the work sheet below,



Maths - Why not challenge yourself? Here are 2 arithmetic tests, choose one to do. The extension one is a bit trickier. You don't have to print them out just work on scrap paper and then check your answers at the end.

English -

Yesterday you finished your story with a super ending. Today we would like you to go back through your story and edit it. This doesn't have to take a long time but you have to concentrate. Working with another person really helps.

Read your story through does it make sense? Are there sentences where more descriptive or accurate words could be used? Are the settings and places well described? Are your characters described enough ? Is the punctuation correct? Do you need to add anything ? Do you vary the sentence lengths (Shorter sentences for action sequences) ? 

Do your editing in a different coloured pen or pencil so you can see what you have done. Don't worry about writing up your story in best or illustrations just get the editing done and we can do that next week.

Here is a short video from BBC bitesize to get you thinking:


Today we would like you to think of your own questions about light. Then research an answer if possible. Amaze the adults in your house with your knowledge .

Did you know.......

Think how questions start If ? , Why ? ,  How ? , When ? , What ?

If you are stuck of thinking about questions here are some for you to research.

How are rainbows made ?

Why is the sky blue ?

What colours make up light?

Is there light that humans can't see ?

How fast does light travel ? Does it always travel at that speed ?

Send your research to your teacher and amaze them too.