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What country does this greeting and flag come from? Can you find it on a map? What continent does it lay on? What language do they speak? Have you been there before?


Please read Chapter 4 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in your own book or read the following extract using this link.

How would different people have felt when Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was shut? Who would have felt sad? Who would have felt happy? Make a list of people with opposing views.


Read the speech bubble underneath. 

Can you create a similar speech bubble for someone with an opposing view on the Chocolate Factory being closed?


In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, a list of books have been collated that feature black characters in the forefront of the stories - boys, girls, and some famous figures!  Mrs Fox emailed this list out on Wednesday. If you have an Ipad, you can download the QR app and scan one of the bar codes from the PDF below. This will link you straight to that story.  Choose one that takes your fancy and share and discuss with a family member. If you're in a key worker bubble, you may have a little technical issue so  may need an adult to help.



QR codes for Diverse Picture Books


Please start with the Flashback 4.

Today you can choose your Maths activity from the following 3 options.

1. Go back over something you found tricky this week or last or finish an activity you were enjoying but ran out of time.

2. You could complete 1 of the many arithmetic tests from your packs. If you didn't collect a pack or have already completed them all, then I've attached another one underneath.

3. Complete the problem solving activity from White Rose Summer Week 5 Day 5.

The sheet is saved underneath. Remember the most suitable for year3 are Q1-4 but feel free to challenge yourselves.



Because you have been given a reading and a writing task, there is no further topic work for today. 

Please enjoy your weekend and think about all you have achieved this week. Have a well deserved rest, take time to play, spend time with loved ones and relax.