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Friday 24th April

Hi Year 6,


Happy Friday! Do you have that 'Friday Feeling'? Mrs Denham and Miss Pattenden spoke on the phone and said that the 'Friday Feeling' makes us want to do something nice for someone (and if we're bring truthful, dance in the kitchen too). What good deed could you do today?


English: The last of the Gargoyle lesson today AND let's do another Spelling Shed Hive game. See you there at 10am again. The code will be text and put on here. #233453


Maths: In the pack that we gave you to take home, there is a maths investigation called 'Mystery of the Winning World Book Day Costume'. We would like you to give that a go today. The aim is to figure out which of the children in the class won the competition (there is a class list in the pack with information as to what they all dressed up as).

After completing the each section, it will reveal a clue. Our tip is to use that clue to eliminate some children from the list to reduce your options. For example, if the clue was 'it is a boy', I would go to the list and cross out all of the girls.

Good luck!


DT: We would like you to create a den, be a 'dengineer' with the purpose to read a book in it over the weekend. Further information is below and as always, we'd love to see your creations!