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Friday 24th April

Science - One of our topics this term is light. See what you can find out.

Think about these questions :

What different light sources are there?

How does light move?

How are we able to see light ?

Here are a couple of links to get you started. There are some interesting experiments choose one and have a go.

Remember when doing any work on light to never look directly at the sun.

Maths : Decimals : Follow the lesson on line at (link below)- Year 5 -Week 1 Lesson 4. Adding decimals crossing the whole. Their is a powerpoint if you prefer.

Maths - Why not challenge yourself? Here are 2 arithmetic tests, choose one to do. The extension one is a bit trickier. You don't have to print them out just work on scrap paper and then check your answers at the end.

English - Keep up with the story of Kaspar.

Why not do a flow map of the story so far? Put in as much detail as you can.

There are SPaG activities on the Year 5 page as well as new spelling shed challenge for you to do today.