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Friday 24th April

English Writing Task - Design your Iron Menu. 


Today you are going to use the menu that you wrote yesterday and think about the design of the menu. You might want to re-watch the lesson from Wednesday where you were asked to design your menu for the picnic to help you with any ideas.

Remember to think about the reader when you are choosing your design. The reader is the Iron Man.

What design would attract him?

Will you include pictures? 

How will you set out your menu? Will it be in sections? 

Are you going to have a menu that folds up? What will be the design on the front? 


Remember to send in as many pictures so we can share them with you all. 



Mental Maths Starter!

Warm up your maths brains and do some revision of maths we have done previously!



Dividing 1 digit by 10


Click on the link. Go to Week 1, lesson 1 and watch the video. Carry out the activity. 

History - Timeline Game! 

Download the cards at the bottom of the page OR make your own version of cards - this may include events that have happened in your life! 

The rules:

Each player is dealt 3 cards facedown (dates hidden) and places them in front of them.

Draw the top card of the pile, flip it over, and place it in the centre of the play area. This card is the starting card of the timeline in which the players will have to place their cards.

Players play in turn clockwise.

The first player must place one of their cards next to the starting card - thinking carefully about where it fits on the timeline. 

After placing their card, the player flips it over to check if the date is correctly placed on the timeline. 

If the card is correctly placed, it remains where it is faceup.

If the card is not correctly placed, discard it in the box. Then, the player must draw the top card of the draw pile and place it facedown next to their other cards without flipping it over.

If a player is the only one to correctly place their last card during a single round, they are immediately declared winner.

If several players correctly place their last card during a single round, they keep playing and draw a card during each round until one of them correctly places their card during a single round. The latter is then declared the winner.

Timeline Card Game - How to Play!