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Friday 27th March

Well done everybody ( children and parents) for an amazing week. You are awarded with a special certificate ( see previous page).  Give yourselves and each other a  pat on the back, a clap and a cheer.  Hooray! smiley


Take it easy today, choose something to do from the grid or try something from below. Your choice - the world is your oyster!



Do you have any lego at home? If so then this next task is the task for you and should keep you busy for quite a while. Mrs Manning sent it to us and we think it is fab:




Think of somewhere relaxing and peaceful like a trickling stream in the countryside or a deserted beach on a summer's day.  Write a description of what you can hear, see and feel.  Try to start sentences in different ways and avoid repetition. 



Find a good book and snuggle down to read.  Maybe you could read to a little sister or brother and make a cosy reading den with toys and cushions. Try to use your best expressive voice.


Why not choose a fraction task from Mathletics to get your teeth into or if the Ipad is taken, why not have a go at some of the work in your special work book (CGP) that was sent home. 

Don't forget you have the 5 mini lessons on White Rose to do too

If you don't have a workbook, then the teachers copied you some other Maths sheets to keep you busy.


Finally, sit back and think of all the amazing things you have done this week. Maybe you could write yourself a certificate for being brilliant.  Or write your siblings or parents a certificate. Don't forget to tell them what they've done well and you could present them in your very own celebration assembly in your garden or front room.


Love from Year 3 x