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Friday 27th March

Communication Day! 

Today, your task is to write a letter to yourself and describe what it is like living in lockdown. It is a letter that you can keep and open in 10 years' time. We have put an example of an informal letter in the resources so you can use it to help you with your letter.



When writing this letter, you will need to remember that it does not need to be a really formal letter but that it could be used in the future! It will need to include paragraphs and here are some helpful suggestions to help you. Remember to include:


- An address and date

- Dear …..,

- An introduction paragraph explaining what it happening now (lockdown) 

- A paragraph about what has changed 

- A paragraph about what you are enjoying and finding challenging 

- An ending for your letter 

 A checklist for you



We look forward to reading your letters and finding out how you all are. Remember this letter could be used as a historical artefact in the future so make it your best piece of work!


Building a paragraph using your spelling words


Write these words on separate pieces of card/paper. Then ask your parents to hide them around the house or in the garden.












Now, go on a hunt to find them. As soon as you have found the first word, use it to write a sentence. Then go and hunt for the next word. As you find each spelling, try to write a new sentence which includes that word and that follows on from the previous sentence.



I wonder what weird and wonderful paragraphs we will get! 


My example

This is the order I found the words: thought, weight, remember, etc.


My paragraph

I thought I was going to go to school tomorrow but I found out that I was not allowed. The weight of this played on my mind.  I couldn't remember the reason why this was happening.


Spread the Joy and Make a Rainbow Today

( I know the colours are not in the correct order-just make sure your rainbow is!)



If you've been wondering why there are rainbows popping up in windows around your local area, here's why. With social distancing and lots of places closing because of coronavirus, children are connecting with each other by painting colourful rainbows and putting them in their windows for others to see.


Today, create a rainbow and place it in your window-after you have taken a photo of it to send to us!