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Friday 3rd April

Easter Period

Hi Year 5 , thank you for all your hard work and creativity over the last 2 weeks we appreciate just how much effort you have put in at this really difficult time. During the Easter break there will be no daily updates for the updates page as the Year 5 teaching team are working in school. We will answer emails but not as promptly as we do now, but don't worry we will get back to you at some point. Over Easter there is a special Easter grid courtesy of the Year 6 which has fabulous ideas and activities to do. If you have not finished the Year 5 grid you can do that as well as checking the daily updates to see if you have missed anything. You can always use mathletics and read something to an adult everyday.

There will be a new grid of activities for the beginning of the summer term and we will email that out and put it on the Year 5 page at the start of the new term. We will also resume the daily updates as well.

  Have a good Easter with your family. Keep safe and Keep smiling. The Year 5 Team.

Easter Activity Grid

Keep fit and keep busy during the Easter break.

Keep fit and keep busy during the Easter break. 1