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Friday 3rd April

Communication Day!


Today is the day that you are going to use your map and your script to record you cloud weather report. Once you have done your report, please send them to us so we can watch them.



Our Top Tips For Reporting:


  • Memorise your report (as much as you can)

  • Face the camera

  • Speak clearly

  • Speak at a steady pace

  • Use different tones in your voice to make your report more interesting 

  • Use your map as a reference making sure you point at it like a weather reporter

Warm-up your maths brain this morning with a TT Rockstar



Who will come out on top by the end of the week 4ZC or 4VL?

Fraction Problem Solving


Today, you are going to use bar models to help you calculate fraction worded problems. To solve problems you need to read the question to find out what the question is asking you to do.  

Question 1


Then, underline key numbers and words to remind you what you need to do.

After that, draw a bar model putting the total amount at the top and splitting the bottom into 4 equals parts for this question. It is 4 equal parts because the denominator is 4 in 1/4.



Therefore, you will need to divide the total amount by 4.

We have now worked out that 1/4 of 400ml is 100 ml. Write the amounts onto the bar model. 


We have calculated that Bob has drunk 100ml.

We know that Bob drinks 1/4 so his brother must drink 3/4.



So 3 x 100 = 300. Therefore his brother drinks 300ml.

Question 2


Remember to read the question.


Underline the key numbers and words.


Draw your bar model and place the total amount at the top of the bar model. Why has the bottom part of the bar model been split into 5 equal parts?



It is because Bridget burns 1/5. The denominator is 5. 

Therefore, you need to divide 250 by 5.


We have found out that 250 divided by 5 equals 50. Therefore, each part is worth 50.


We can see that 1 part of the total number of pizzas are burnt and that equals 50. Therefore, 4 parts of the total number of pizzas are not burnt so 4 x 50 = 200.



Use these examples to help you to calculate Lesson 9 Fraction Problems which you can find in the home learning resources. 


Just before it is time for the Easter break, why not spend the afternoon making some Easter cards for your family. 


Here are a few ideas that you could use: 




We would love to see your Easter creations! Take care and have a lovely Easter from Miss Laxton, Miss Clarke and Mrs Nundy.