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Friday 1st May

Hi Year 6,


Happy Friday! We have that 'Friday Feeling' again! Have a little dance, sing a a little song and do something good for someone today. #spreadpositivity


If you haven't completed the Year 6 survey yet, please click this link to complete it today. It should take  no longer than 5 minutes.


English: The last of the 'doors' theme today AND let's do another Spelling Shed Hive game. See you there at 10am again. The code will be text and put on here. 

CODE: 225078


Maths: A simple one today to end the week on. We'd like you to complete your 1000 points on Mathletics :)


Active in the community: We've talked about the importance of staying positive at the moment, keeping moving and doing things for others. These all contribute to a healthy mindset.

So today, if you have access to chalk, paint, etc, we'd like you to create an 'assault course' outside your house that other people can enjoy when they walk by (obviously, please follow social distancing when doing this!).

You could have a wiggly line to follow, swirls to spin, squares to 'avoid the lava'. Let your imagination run wild!

Have a look at what Miss Pattenden and Ruby did this week for some inspiration!