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Friday 5th June

Has anyone got that Friday feeling? Happy Friday to you all! Well done for such a hard working week and enjoy your well-earned weekend.


10am Spelling shed will happen as usual. If you are at home Miss Pattenden will set it! If you are at school feel free to join in too- maybe we can beat our record of 48 competitors!

CODE: 688631

AMAZING: 50 players this week - well done to Nirvana who was the winner (and beat the teachers!) I think next week they will not be so kind to you all!


English: Today is the day that you will need all of your your research to write your postcards or letters about your chosen destination. Think geographically - use correct vocabulary throughout! You might need to explain the new words to your audience.

If you need to listen again to Jenny Cook's instructions  - please click here.

if you are at home please email you work to your teacher and we will pass them onto Jenny Cook.



Maths:Have a go on Mathletics today - new activities have been set for you. Maybe play on live Mathletics - there will definitely be other children in the year group playing!

The second activity is the bitesize maths challenge- it gets harder as the questions move on. How far can you go?


Art: We're going to finish the week with some #Draw with Rob. Ruby and Miss Pattenden (yes I know that is a real shock to you) have been drawing regularly- there are now 25 different tutorials to choose from! Last week Kevin was the character we chose to do! Have fun.