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Friday 8th May

Today is the 75th Anniversary of V E DAY!

Today we would have been off school for a special bank holiday to mark this important day in History.


Today's home learning is below but as it is a bank holiday, it is up to you if you do it today! We are going to keep the same Maths/writing activity for Monday too, to allow you time to catch up on any activities you may want to go back and do. You could also wait until then to complete the Maths and writing if you wish.

Fantastic Friday home learning

Maths - Flashback four

Today's Maths from the White Rose:



Something easier:

Have a look at the pictures below and choose some to put in order of size.

Link to the sheet if you want to see it more closely.



Reading - Theseus and the Minotaur

Example of designing your own creature