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Friday 8th May

Today is a bank holiday to celebrate V.E. Day , so all activities are optional and you can choose if you want to do them. We have chosen activities that are fun and will keep you busy. Do let your family join in too. The cooking activity will need parental help even if it is just with ingredients.





Science - Light

Do you think light travels in a straight line ? 

Watch this video clip for some ace experiments to do at home. See if you can bend light!


There are some other super science clips to watch about earth and space too.

The live stream from the Nasa satellite is brilliant.

Follow this link:



Today's Friday Challenge is all about cooking. Follow the link below for a video and ingredient sheets.(Scroll to the bottom of the page to find it)

Looks fun. Let us know how you get on.

Create a piece of outdoor sculpture using natural materials for your garden.

Use sketches to design it first and identify materials you will need. Why not try and create some figures just like the ones you made in art earlier this year. When you are finished send a picture to your teacher.