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Fun Optional Extra

Oh no! George's room has been overtaken by animals that have escaped from the zoo! I've heard they're making their way around the houses of Leeds. If you see any in your house, send us the evidence.



Sshhhhh, secret instructions:

1) Search animal in Google on your Android, iphone or alternative device (e.g. wolf)

2) It'll show an animated thumbnail, and an invitation to “meet a life-sized wolf up close.”

3) Tap “View in 3D”, and the site will create an animated, 3D model in your screen.

4) Move your device around a bit to give it a good idea of the new environment.

5) Screenshot so we can see them!


We recommend trying: wolf, panda, tiger, golden eagle, snake, goat, bear, lion, hedgehog, shark, alligator, shetland pony, pug, raccoon and a turtle. What other animals can you bring into your home and garden?