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Dear children/parents & carers,


Here is the home learning timetable for week beginning 11th January.

Please note that the live timings are slightly different now we are moving onto our schedule of two live sessions.

We have tried to make this as simple as possible by doing live session 1 straight after registration at 9.25am.

Live session two we have shifted to 10.45 instead of 10.30 to allow children to have a break from their screen like they would have in class.


We have planned a mixture of activities to engage the children and hope they enjoy this!

If you have any questions or feedback about google classroom please email us, we are here to help the children and want to give them a good experience with home learning.


Please don't worry if you can't attend all live sessions, do what you can and we can post recordings for catch up if this is needed for children to watch. We have left timings for the pm sessions flexible as we know how much this will help with planning things to work around individual families. The children have done such a good job this week and we hope next week starts just as brilliantly!


Kind regards

Year 3 Team.

Timetable for week beginning 11th January home learning

Timetable for week beginning 5th January for google classroom

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you can imagine, this is not how we were expecting to greet you on the first school day back of 2021!


We know this is a tremendously difficult time for some families and we hope your Christmas break was restful and festive. Going forwards for the first two days, children should access work from the school website on the year 3 class page under the home learning tab. We are going to keep this simple to get in the swing of things and allow for us to assist and troubleshoot any difficulties you have.


From day 2 (Wednesday 6th January) work will be set primarily using Google Classrooms. Please ensure that your child is able to access the relevant platform before day 3 and inform school so that we can resolve any technical issues. We have set a small task on Google classroom this morning for the children to do this will help us to monitor any difficulties families may behaving. It also allows children to have a chance to explore and play with the different settings and programs such as slides etc.


We are hoping to provide a mixture of recorded sessions from the class team, online teaching and resources and live google meetings.  We are currently working on a timetable of activities and will share this with you shortly when we are able to arrange it.

New information and worksheets will be posted the evening before to enable parents to look through the work for the following day where possible. Any children who are in the school setting will be accessing the same home learning work, supervised by a member of the school staff; they will not be receiving additional taught sessions above those provided online.


Here to help: We understand that support for children with their learning will be very different for each family. We will do our best to ensure that learning tasks are as user friendly for the children as possible so that they can be accessed or completed independently if needed. We hope that the daily timetables will help parents and carers plan their day with slots to help the children log into the correct task or activity as needed. Keep encouraging your child to engage with their learning. The school staff team are here to help you as well as your children. If you are struggling, please contact us via email or phone or look at our website for wider community support.

If you have any feedback, concerns or need assistance with anything please do contact us.



Thank you for your continued support, positive messages and understanding.


The Year 3 Team


Miss McLaughlan

Mrs Wray           

Miss Waller