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Monday 11/5/20




What am I? Challenge!


Go through the below Powerpoint and read the clues... can you work out what Minibeast is being described? 

Your turn!


Think about all the animals that live in the woodlands or in your garden. Chose one and write three clues to describe your animal.  Send these to your class teacher and see if they can work out which animal your are describing!


Ideas to support writing. 

You could describe a hedgehog, fox, mouse, owl, mole, badger, deer, rabbit, robin etc

Think about the adjectives you could use  - smooth, spiky, hard, fluffy, furry, fast, slow, spotty, stripy, soft, feathered, colourful, tall etc. 



How many coins are needed to buy an item?

The sixteenth lesson on multiplication, aimed at Year 1 and 2 pupils, in a series produced by the NCETM during the school closures period in summer 2020. For...

Art and Design


Option 1 

3D Design 

Outdoor task - Collect natural resources from the garden or on your daily walk - sticks, leaves, pinecones, bark etc.

Can you use these resources to create an outdoor 3D model of a woodland creature? Or could you make an outdoor environment (nest, house, den) for your animal?


Option 2 

3D Design

Indoor task - Can you collect and use recycling and 'junk' materials to build a 3D model of a woodland creature? For example, can you make a hedgehog using egg boxes and plastic straws? or can you make an owl using cardboard boxes and old juice bottles? 

You could use papier mache to cover this and paint it when it dries!


Option 3

Collage work

Can you use different materials to create a collage of a woodland habitat? You could use different coloured and textured paper or you could use natural resources from outside.