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Monday 11th May

Listen to find out more information about your task.

How to Play: Rock Paper Scissors

BROKEN : Rock, Paper, Scissors

When Rock stumbles upon the magical Paper, it's love at first sight. But when the wrath of Scissors threatens the well-being of Paper, Rock must stop at nothing to save what he loves most, no matter the cost. "Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors" is a student animated short film, produced at Ringling College of Art & Design.

Task 2 - Comprehension

Comprehension Questions 

1. How does Rock feel when he wakes up? Why do you think he feels like this? 

2. How does Rock feel when he sees paper for the first time? 

3. How did Rock fall off the cliff? What does this suggest about his character? 

4. What happened when Rock placed his hand on paper?

5. Why did this happen? 

6. How did Rock help paper? 

7. What did Rock do to Scissors? 

8. Look carefully at this reaction after he killed Scissors. How does he feel? 

9. What happens when Rock tries to pick up Paper? 

10. Why do you think he chooses to still pick Paper up? 



Monumental Maths!


Start your maths lesson by going onto TTRockstars and make sure you visit each section shown below.





Now click on the picture below and carry out the Daily 10.



Once you have finished, click on the picture below and this will take you to the Whiterose Maths website. You will need to go to the Summer Term 3-Week 3, Lesson 1.



Click on the link below for the corresponding activity sheet.


If you would like to have some extra support or carry out some more activities linked to our maths focus click on the picture below to go to the BBC Bitesize daily Lessons.


Music By Ms Heap

Today, Ms Heap has set you a Music challenge. Watch the video and join in! 

Ms Heap's Music for Year 4

Ms Heap's music for Year 4