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Monday 15th June

English task

 Practise the words below that contain the -sion suffix (they are also available as an assigment on Spelling Shed) and then complete the Mr Whoops activity below.


Here are some fun ways to practise your spellings.

Maths task

Can you warm up with this multiplying by 6 video?

Watch the White Rose video and complete the activity sheet below.

'The Romans' art project

Coins in Roman times, as well as being used for trading, were a way of providing news to others around the Roman Empire. This was because the coin would have the head of the current emperor on one side, so that everybody knew who was in power; on the other side, there might be perhaps some news of a battle victory or the completion of a new important building.



Design a coin as if you were the emperor.

The coin should :

  • Have a drawing of your head on one side, with a sentence including your name surrounding it e.g. Nicola Nundy xIV The Supreme Leader.
  • have a drawing of an important event or building on the other side.


Why not have a go at making your coin from tin foil. I wrapped a double layer of foil round a milk bottle top and used a pencil to make indented lines.