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Monday 18/5/20



Diary Writing.


Watch the below video. 

Diary of a worm

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Story video liked to English 18/05/2020

Diary Writing


This week we are going to start recording what we have been doing each day in the form of a diary. As part of your English work each day please complete your diary.


Each day you MUST include:-

The full date including the day to practise your spelling of the days of the week - e.g Monday 18th May 2020.

At least 1 sentence to describe something you have done that day - remember your punctuation!


Each day you COULD include:-

Details of different activities you have taken part in.

Descriptions of places you have been using well chosen adjectives. 

Drawings/pictures/photos to documents events in your day.

How you are feeling at different points in the day - e.g what has happened to make you laugh? smile? have you felt excited? worried? upset? 

Something someone has said to you.

Anything new you have tried or something you have learnt/practised. 


Remember when you are writing a diary you are writing about things that have already happened - so make sure you use the past tense.

Remember you are writing about things from your own point of view, using the words 'I', 'my'.

If you are writing about more than one event, try to write about the events in the order they happened during the day - use 'first', 'next', 'after that'. 




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