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Monday 18th May

English - Poetry Week 

Good morning Year 4 and welcome to the final week of this half term.

It is not the half term any one would have imagined but I stumbled across a poem which made me smile and so has inspired the theme for this week! 

Throughout the week, we will be learning about different types of poems, writing different poems and by the end of the week performing your favourite poem from the week! 

On Friday you will be able to send in your favourite poem for 'Poetry Got Talent' and I will post all the entries onto the class page! 


The poem that inspired this weeks theme!

Todays poem task: Limerick Poems


Today we are going to be learning about limerick poems. Watch the video below to understand what a limerick poem is. 

Once you have understood how to write a limerick poem, you can begin to write one down. Your poem can be as many verses long as you want but remember the pattern it must follow. 


You can choose the topic you want to write about. You may want to write about an experience that has happened in lockdown or you may want to write about something completely different such as your favourite hobby or person. 

Magnificent Maths!



Start your maths lesson by going onto TTRockstars and make sure you visit all three sections shown below.




Now click on the picture below to and this will take you to the lesson that you are going to carry out today.



Click on the link below for your activity sheet. 

Design Technology

Today Miss Nundy has set you a design technology challenge.

Make sure you label your diagram with the resources that you are going to use.

Try to think creatively, making your design unique.