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Monday 20th April

Hi Year 6! 


Oh how we miss you all. We do hope you've had a lovely Easter break and have managed to get outside and enjoy this glorious weather!


English: This week, we have planned some lessons based on a book, like we would normally do in school. Miss Pattenden has recorded a video for you in the Video Resource Centre (linked on picture below) which will introduce it beautifully.


Maths: Angles this week Year 6, wahoo! There will be four days on various angles and how to calculate them, and on Friday, there will be something a little different :)

*Remember, Q3 of Problems of the Day is the tricky one!*


Get creative: For the next three days, we would like you to plan, design, create and play a game linked to The Night of the Gargoyles. This could be anything you like: a classic board game, Top Trumps, Scratch, anything which captures your interest.

Today we would just like you to plan it. Consider what you will call it, how many players is it for, what is the aim of the game, are there different levels to the game (e.g. chance cards, challenges, etc).