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Monday 20th April

Hello everyone! We all hope you have had a lovely Easter and have been able to keep busy. I'm sure we are all still finding it very strange knowing that we won't be going back to school for the foreseeable future, but let's try to make the most of it!


As you may have seen, we have made a new grid of activities for the first part of the summer term. We expect that these will keep you occupied for at least a month, so no need to rush through them! We'd prefer you take the time to do them all really well. We're not insisting that you complete the tasks in the order we set here; this is just a suggestion which may help you organise your time.




Our class book for Summer 1 is Kaspar, Prince of Cats, by Michael Morpurgo. If you can have a copy or can get access to one, start reading it. If not, choose any Michael Morpurgo book (or just any book!) Can you produce a profile on each of the main characters in it? This might include a character description, a summary of the key events that happen to that character, and some information about their personality.














Complete some of the white rose maths activities on the main Class 5 page. There is plenty there to keep you busy!