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Monday 20th April

Welcome Back Year 4!


We hope you have had a lovely break and have been enjoying the sunshine. We really miss seeing your lovely, gorgeous faces and we are looking forward to seeing all your wonderful work this week.

Do the tasks you can and we understand that you will need to do what is best for you and your family. You can complete the tasks we've given to you on the day or do lots of the tasks on the same day. There is no expectation of how much you need to complete, just do your best.


Remember that throughout the week you can also keep up with spelling shed, TTRockstars and mathletics.





If we have any additional challenges or any exciting extras, we will send you a class text. Have fun, stay safe and keep smiling.


Reading Comprehension Task 

This morning we would like you listen to Chapter 3 of the Iron Man. 

Before you listen, think about where we left the story. Where was the Iron Man? What had just happened to him? 

(Hogarth has just lured him into the trap and was feeling extremely guilty for what he had done) 

Make sure you understand what has happened in the story before you start answering today's questions.

You might want to listen to it again and draw a comic strip of events to help you or you may want to jot down any words you heard that you didn't know the meaning to. It would then be useful to find these words in a dictionary or using an online children's dictionary like we use in class. 


Once you have understood what has happened in the chapter, answer the following question.

We will be using this Chapter tomorrow to create a piece of writing. 

Can you remember what each VIPER stands for? 


  1. Why did the hill attract people to sit on it? 
  2. Was the hill a popular spot for people to walk to? How do we know? 
  3. What began to happen on top of the hill where the Iron Man was buried? 
  4. How do you think the little boy felt when he saw the 'enormous iron hand'? 
  5. Find and copy a word from the end of this chapter that shows that the iron man thought that the metal objects were delicious. 
  6. How does Ted Hughes use language to show that the Iron Man is happy? 
  7. Do you think Ted Hughes prefers Hogarth's first or second idea? How do you know? Which idea do you prefer and why? 
  8. Based on what you know about the Iron Man, what do you think will happen next in the story? 


CHALLENGE: Can you label each question with the correct VIPER? For example, question 5 would be a 'R' retrieval question because you have to 'find and copy'. 

Mental Maths Starter!


Click on the link. Choose Level 4, Rounding and up to 999 to nearest 10.

 Recognise Tenths and Hundreds


Click on the link and go into Week 1, Lesson 1 (do not click into the Summer Term yet). Watch the video and complete the task that is provided.


You are going to plan and prepare for an experiment to investigate the effect of the shape of ice on the rate it will melt.  You will need to gather different sized containers to make the ice and use the planning sheet to set out your criteria.



Questions you need to think about:

  • Do you think that different shaped blocks of ice should be made with the same amount of water? 
  • Should the blocks of ice be kept at the same temperature by all being left in the same location?
  • How are you going to record your results?


You will need to obtain measured results, such as by recording how many minutes each block takes to melt or by leaving them for the same amount of time and measuring the amount of melted water or the changes in mass.


Once you have planned the experiment you will need to: get your containers, fill them with water and place them in the freezer. 


You can carry out this experiment tomorrow.