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Monday 27th April

Hi Year 6,


We hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Both Mrs Denham and Miss Pattenden have enjoyed spending lots of time soaking up the glorious sunshine in the garden, and we hope you have too!

There is a letter we have written to you and emailed out to your parents.  It is also saved just under the daily update star icon. Please have a read of it. We miss you all so much.


English: Have you ever looked at a door and wondered what might be on the other side? Where may it lead? What may be hiding within? At first glance, a door is just a piece of wood, glass or metal that is opened and closed so that people can get in and out of a room, a vehicle or a space. But in the hands of a writer, a door represents a world of possibility, a world where things are not only hidden but often closed off and restricted.

This week, we shall explore the potential that a door offers to you, the writer.


Maths: We are carrying on with White Rose Maths this week. Enjoy!


Year 6 Survey: Today, we'd really like to get some feedback from you about your time in Year 6. We have created a short survey (click the picture below) and we'd like you to fill in the questions as best as you can. Your answers will help us in writing your reports too, so thank you!