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Monday 27th April

Welcome Back to School!


We hope you have had a lovely weekend and have been enjoying the sunshine. Thank you for asking about how we are as well.


Lucy and (I) Miss Laxton have built a den this weekend and slept in it. Actually, not a lot of sleep happened as Lucy was so excited!


Miss Clarke has been baking brownies, running in the sunshine and having plenty of BBQ's! 


We really are missing you and so we are really enjoying hearing/seeing what you have been up to. Remember, do the tasks you can and complete the tasks we've given to you on the day or do lots of the tasks on the same day. There is no expectation of how much you need to complete, just keep doing your best.


Remember that throughout the week we would like you to keep up with spelling shed, TTRockstars and mathletics.


Keep being the amazing children that you are and have fun, stay safe and keep smiling.



Today we would like you to listen to Chapter 4 of the Iron Man. 

Quick Recap - Where are we in the story so far? The Iron Man escaped from his trap but Hogarth had another plan! Hogarth took the Iron Man to the scrap yard where he was busy eating lots of metal. He was happy and the villagers were happy. How do you think the story will continue? Why don't you write down a little prediction before you listen to the next chapter! 

Once you have listened to the story you could have a go at creating a comic strip for Chapter 4.


You may need to listen to the story again and jot down the significant events that happened in the story as it is a long chapter and lots happen! 


If you need some help with finding the significant events, the these are the significant events that I found from listening to the text.

Can you listen to the clip and put them in order before creating a comic strip. 


Marvellous Maths!

Start off your maths lesson by going on TTRockstars. Make sure you visit all of these parts and try to do regular soundchecks throughout the week.



Now press on the link below and go to week 2 (we are still not in the summer terms work yet) and Session 1. It is called: Lesson 1- Divide 2 digits by 10.



You can carry out the activity either using the sheet provided in the 'Get the Activity' section or you can carry it out practically.



Some practical maths ideas

You could use: paints, different coloured playdough, chalks, pom poms, plastic balls etc. Here are a few examples we have done for you. In this example I have used playdough and I have done a key so I know what each playdough colour represents.




You might write the question and use the playdough to represent that number. For example, there are 4 tens.



Then begin to exchange each ten for ten ones.



Continue until you have exchanged all the tens for ones.





Then, split them into 10 groups.



You can do this for different examples.




You could go outside and chalk on the pavement. 


You could use paint to show your working out. 


Art Attack

Look at lesson 3 (below) and carry out the task.