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Monday 29th June

Good Morning Year 6 - how are you all? Hope you've had a lovely weekend - sunshine and thunderstorms - what a combination! There are officially only 14 more days left in Year 6. Where has the year gone?




Spellings - new spellings have been set. I'm not sure what is happening to the big hive games - hopefully it will work this week. Have a go at learning your spellings.




We are continuing with the Ickabog - we need to read 2 chapters a day now otherwise we won't finish the book before you leave!



At this stage in the book, it's good to think back over everything that has happened. What are the major events?


Today, I'd like you to imagine that a class member wants to start reading The Ickabog with us but you have to catch them up on 17 chapters! Draw and complete your own flow map to sequence the main events that would help them understand the plot so far. You can use words, picture or a combination of both. Good luck!




This week we move onto co-ordinates. If you are in school don't forget to play the  Billy Bug game on the ipads... 'there's no food here!'


If you are at home have another go on Guardians Defenders of Mathematica again!


Click on the link to see the video for co-ordinates.




Worksheets for the lesson - these are not in your pack unfortunately as they have only just been released.

Leavers' Song

Miss Pattenden and Mrs Denham are in the process of organising a sort of leavers' assembly. We obviously can't do a real one but we can upload videos online for you. We have a few up our sleeve! 

We would like you to learn this song. You will have heard it before and probably sung in when you were in Year 5. Hopefully someone can  record you singing it and we can then make some kind of amazing video of you all. You have until Friday to learn it (not off by heart) but to know the tune etc and then we will give you some more instructions.


Click on the song to hear it! Happy singing! 



Leeds City Centre

In your packs, you have the picture below. Today we would like you to identify as many of the iconic buildings in Leeds City Centre, label them and tell me something about them e.g. when it was built, it's purpose, etc. Can you name them all?