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Monday 30th March

Miss Clarke has set today's reading activity. Click on the Video Resource Centre link below to find a video of her explaining today's task! 


A Cloudy Lesson

Questions to answer. Remember to try and answer is as much detail as you can, using clues from the video!


Pause the film before the title scene ‘A cloudy lesson’ where the house in the clouds is visible.

What is strange about this house?


Pause the film before the old man blows through the ring.

Is this an old or young man? How do we know?

What might their relationship be?

What do you think he is going to use this tool for?


Pause the film after the old man blows the 1st cloud and gestures the boy to do the same.

Do you think that this is how clouds are actually made?

What is the old man saying to the boy?

Finish off this sentence to describe what happened. o With one little puff…


Pause after the boy blows his little cloud.

His cloud is small – what other words do we know that we can say instead of small?

How do you think the little boy is feeling?


Pause the film after the boy breaks the ring.

What has happened?

What do you think the old man will say to the boy?


Pause the film after the boy has made the ring into a star shape.

What is the boy’s plan? Watch the film to the end.

Is this a happy or sad ending?

How do we know the characters are happy?

Maths - Fractions on a number line!


Today we are going to be learning how to write fractions on a number line. 


First, watch the video below to help you understand! We all know Miss Clarke loves to sing in class and I am sure you are missing her voice dearly! Hopefully, when you are back you can sing this song together! 


Fractions on a Number Line Song

I would then like you to complete Lesson 4 Fraction Sheet. This can be found in our Home Resources. I have popped a link below! 


Below is an example of how I worked out the answers to the first question on Challenge 1 and Challenge 2.

Use my top tips if you are finding it a little tricky. 





Miss Nundy has set you an art challenge for today!


Hi Year 4. I hope you had a great first week learning from home. My children, Ida and Seth, have been doing lots of craft this week.  Look at this self portrait collage Ida made (with a bit of help from me 😉) 



Why not have a go at making one too? You can use scraps of paper from old birthday cards, magazines, newspapers and leaflets that get posted through your door. You could even add scraps of fabric and wool for hair if you have some. Make sure you take photos and email them to me, Ida and I would love to see them! Please email pictures to me at: