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Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 5! Hope you had a pleasant weekend.


Don't forget about the Joe Wicks PE challenge, these can be done live at 9am, or at any point throughout the day. Mr Bracha has started in the hope that by the time his hair grows that long, he will look just like him! 



A reminder below for your task from the end of last week:


We would you like you to write a play script. You were brilliant when we wrote and acted out your own play scripts earlier in the term for "The Demon Headmaster". We have put a template to download below to help you. The play can be about anything you like. Get the people living at home with you involved and give them all parts, you will need to find props and costumes too. Take a picture and send it to us. When we get back to school it will be fun to perform some of the plays for the whole class. The plays could be based on a story you already know or something totally new. Use your imagination and get everyone involved. Have fun.