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Monday 4/5/20



Owl Babies

Think back to our story from last week 'Owl Babies' by Martian Waddle.


This week we are going to have a go writing our own stories based on 'Owl Babies'. Today, you need to think of some new characters for your story - these should be three baby animals and whoever they live with. For example - three baby flamingos who live with their flamingo Nana. Next, draw a picture of your new characters and give them names, this can be the front cover for your story book so add your name at the bottom as the author. Finally for today, can you think of a location where your story will be set and write 1 or 2 sentences to describe this? For example - Once upon a time there were three baby flamingos, Sienna and Pedro and Bilal.  They lived with their flamingo Nana in a cosy nest at the edge of a lake. The nest had sticks and mud and flamingo feathers in it, it was their home. 


If you want to watch the story again the link is below.


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