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Monday 4th May

Hello to you all!


First of all, a note about White Rose Maths....

They have moved the website around a little bit! Just to keep us thinking. Lessons this week will finish 'week 2' and start 'summer' term work which looks like this
(click the +/- buttons to hide different weeks):

These two!


It’s important that you do the White Rose lessons in chronological order so if you need to repeat a lesson because it was tricky or are behind, that’s absolutely fine but please pick up where you left off otherwise, there may be gaps in your learning.


Spending more than 1 day on 1 lesson is normal and happens a lot at school.  Don’t expect to get all the work set completed, because there is a lot provided on the sheet and in class, this probably wouldn’t happen for most children.


Monday's home learning

English - Letter Writing 

You should have all been sent a letter about the 75th Celebration of VE day, which is taking place on Friday 8th May. If not, it is below. First, we would like you to research what VE day is and why we celebrate it. There is some useful information on the our school History page.

Then we would like you to listen to the song 'We'll Meet Again'. Use this song as inspiration to write a letter to either a family member, friend or even school. You will find the address details on the letter.

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Maths - Flashback four and resources

This is today's lesson! On fractions that are equivalent to each other.


Below is the challenge question:


Don't forget to send in your VE Day creative tasks and letters!