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Monday 4th May

English - Letter Writing 

You should have all been sent a letter about the 75th Celebration of VE day, which is taking place on Friday 8th May. If you haven't received the letter then please click on the link below. 

First, we would like you to research what VE day is and why we celebrate it. There is some useful information on the our school History page.

Then we would like you to listen to the song 'We'll Meet Again'. Use this song as inspiration to write a letter to either a family member, friend or even school. 


I have chosen to write my letter to you Year 4. Don't forget to send your letters in to us so we can have a read and share them with the rest of the class! 

Miss Z Clarke,

Dining Room Table,


MI55 Y0U.  


Year 4,

Home Learning Classrooms,


MI55 U2.


Dear Year 4,


What a funny time we find ourselves in. A time where it feels like we are living in a very important part of history. A time that will be remembered for a very long time. As I sit and write this letter to you all, I find myself imagining what it will be like when we all, finally, get to come together and be back in our classrooms. I imagine it will be filled with lots of joy, laughter and an appreciation for the simple things in life!


Since being in lockdown, I have been finding some time to explore my local area. Whilst I was walking through my local streets, I spotted a few posters up on signposts. These posters were asking us to decorate our house in red, white and blue to celebrate VE Day’s 75th Anniversary with a stay at home street party. This got me thinking about a different time in history.


VE day was a day where we, as a country, celebrated the end of the Second World War. A day where many people, who had been separated, came together to celebrate the end. I imagine they felt happy and relieved that the fight was over. I think they enjoyed being together again with family and friends. I also think that they would have shared stories with one another about what they experienced during the war.

During the war, Vera Lynn sang a song to help lift spirits called ‘We’ll Meet Again’. In the song it says:

‘We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away’

I think that this song can also be used to help lift spirits today! Yes Year 4 we will meet again, we might not know when that day will come but it will happen! We will be sat back behind a classroom desk, fighting over glue sticks again. We will be running around on the school playground practising our skipping and football skills. We will be back laughing at Miss Clarke for tripping over the school chairs or burning her finger with a glue gun. We will be back laughing at Miss Laxton for doing her happy dance when we finally master fractions! And we will continue to make many more memories in school. But for now, in the words of Vera Lynn, ‘Keep Smiling Through, Just Like You Always Do’

We are all looking forward to “meeting again” very soon.


Miss Clarke, Miss Laxton, Miss Nundy, Miss Watson, Mrs Sacks, Mrs Smith and all of the Alwoodley Team!

Magnificent Maths!


Let's start our maths lesson with our Flashback 4.



Today, we are starting a new subject and jumping to the Summer Term- Week 3 (w/c 4th May).


We have made this decision as it means you can use the Whiterose Resources and you can also go onto the Daily updates on Bitesize which provides you with extra support and learning. 


Click on the picture below and this will take you to the Whiterose maths site.


You can click on the picture below which will take you to Bitesize where you will find an extra video to support what you have learnt and work if you would like to do more!







VE Day - Get Creative! 

We would like to create a time capsule to celebrate this moment in history. 

Create a poster with the words 'We'll Meet Again' and take a photograph of you with it.

We will then share these photos on Friday to celebrate this important day in history! 

This is my design. I chose purple hearts for our purple school. 

Send us yours!