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Monday 6th July

Good Morning Year 6 - you only have 9 days left at Alwoodley- we remember the day you first stepped into year 6 for your transition sessions and now exactly a year later we're planning on your Leavers' celebration. Thank you for your amazing videos singing videos - Mrs Denham is busy putting them together to make one big video.

We also have a few other plans for you - videos we have put together that we will share on you last day.


In addition to this we are organising a picnic on Tuesday 2nd September on the field for you all to see each other and have an official goodbye. We certainly didn't want the year to end like this but Covid-19 got in the way and we will do everything to make your final few days memorable.



Starter activity is Spellings. Have a go on spelling shed. All the words describe feelings. See if you can match them to these pictures.




There will be lots of reading this week otherwise we won't get through the book! 



In role as Private Prodd, write a letter to King Fred explaining what is happening in Cornucopia. 


You must: 

  • Inform the king of the main events occurring in the city; 
  • Spittleworths deception; 
  • the restless inhabitants; 
  • effect of the Ickabog tax; 
  • lack of evidence that the ickabog even exists; 
  • starving children in the marshlands; 
  • and how you Private Prodd have defied Spittleworth’s orders and have left Daisy Dovetail in an orphanage far away so that Spittleworth cannot get to her. 


The letter must also insist upon King Fred coming out and taking charge of his city. 





Something a bit different for this week - we are setting you an investigation - The Mystery of the Cinema Suspects. This is in your packs (don't peek at the answers!) Work through the investigation over the next four days and see who swapped the film over! The worksheets are below if you've lost your sheets!


Leaver's activity for tor today is 'Fingerprint Art!' You can be as creative as you want! Below are some examples.