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Monday 8/6/2020

World Ocean Day!

Today is 'World Ocean Day!'


Have a look at the below website dedicated to learning resources designed to teach children about the word's oceans and the various threats they face. 


Perhaps you could research the effect plastic pollution and single use plastic is having on the ocean - create a leaflet to educate your friends and family about this.

Or you could find out about the water cycle and the journey a single drop of water takes - draw a water cycle map to show this.

Or maybe you might like to practise breathing exercises to help you connect to the world's ocean and learn about the benefits of this type of exercise.


There are lots of different resources, videos and website links for you to explore via the website. Enjoy! 



'The Lion King'

Watch the clip from the Lion King when Simba was born and held up at Pride Rock.

The story is set in Kenya - Can you find Kenya on the map and see how far it is from the UK and how much nearer to the equator it is. What does that mean? What will the weather be like in Kenya? 


Can you fill in a tree map to describe the scene - have a look at the animals, landscape and weather. Try to come up with 3 adjective to describe each one. 


Challenge:- Can you discuss and identify the similarities and difference between the UK and Kenya?