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Monday 8th June

Happy Monday Year 6- what has happened to our lovely weather? Hopefully it will return very soon! I bet you are wondering why the new icon for this week is a hedgehog... well the other day Miss Pattenden and Ruby found one in their garden. It was just there in the middle of the grass. We spent a lot of time googling what we needed to give it as I knew that milk is a definite no and decided to just give it a bowl of water. Here is a picture of it!

If you have any spare time - please let me know how to look after a hedgehog that comes into your garden!

It quickly disappeared after a while into some leaves by the trampoline but I'm hoping it will return soon!


English: JK Rowling has released a book for children to read during  lockdown. It is actually a book she wrote a while ago but it has never been published. She is releasing a new chapter each day and also running a competition for children's illustrations to be published in the final copy of the book in November. How amazing would it be to have your illustration in the book?

Click on the icon to read all about her book and the competition.



Today you are going to read Chapter 1: King Fred the Fearless.


Activity: Today we are going to look at King Fred.


In Chapter One we meet King Fred.

Use the description in the text to draw two portraits of King Fred. One should show his face in detail and one should show his fine clothes. If you have time-continue the description of him.


“King Fred the Fearless came to the throne on a huge wave of popularity. He had lovely yellow curls, fine sweeping moustaches and looked magnificent in the tight breeches, velvet doublets, and ruffled shirts that rich men wore at the time. Fred was said to be generous, smiled and waved whenever anyone caught sight of him and looked awfully handsome in the portraits that were distributed throughout the kingdom, to be hung in town halls. The people of Cornucopia were most happy with their new king, and many thought he’d end up being even better at the job than his father, Richard the Righteous, whose teeth (though nobody had liked to mention it at the time) were rather crooked.”


Maths: This week we move onto algebra!


Maths sheets for today's lesson - they are photocopied and in your packs!

Another Leaver's booklet activity. There are been some lovely photographs of the activities you have already done. Remember to stick everything into your booklets - these should be something you should treasure for a long time.


Today's task is think about the staff members who have worked with you in school. You can choose any of the teachers, support staff, lunchtime staff, office staff etc to draw and write a few words about. If you need help remembering what they look like then look at the 'Who's Who?' page of the website!