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Optional May half term activities

Wow - I can't believe another half term has passed and its time for a break once again!

The teachers are so proud of all the hard work you have been doing and we have really enjoyed reading emails, looking at work and seeing your gorgeous smiley faces on the photos you've been sending.  Please keep sending us updates and if you haven't had a look at the gallery of all the home learning, then please do. We update it every few days.  If you've sent something in, that's not on the gallery, the teachers may have just missed it out accidentally so just remind us. Also, some children will have done more home learning than others because their parents may have been able to spend more time at home. Everybody's circumstances are different so please don't worry if you feel like you haven't done as much as others. 

After the holidays, Mrs Wray and Miss McLaughlan will be teaching small classes in school and will be very busy.  If you have any urgent questions regarding home learning, please contact me, Mrs Lambert on and will get back to you as soon as possible. I will be teaching in school on a Monday but other than that, I will be checking my emails several times a day. You are still welcome to email Miss McLaughlan and Mrs Wray but you will need to give them a bit extra time to respond.


Reading, reading reading!

Over the holidays we would like you to take some time to rest and enjoy the sunshine, fingers crossed. However, we would like you to take this opportunity to do some extra reading. Try to read twice a day instead of once and if you normally prefer to read fiction, have a go at reading some non-fiction for a change.


Further optional activities

*Collect vocabulary from your reading in a little notebook. Choose exciting words or phrases you understand but don't usually use. Have a go at putting them into your own sentence verbally or written.  Then next time you do some writing, you can refer back to your notebook to find inspiring new vocabulary which will uplevel your work.

*Keep your Maths skills sharp by using the website games suggested on the page underneath.  These either work on general number skills or revise skills taught through the White Rose Home learning.

*Have a go at the White Rose Assessment of fractions. Do it by yourself to begin with and see what you can remember.  Then go through it with a grown up. This may highlight areas that you need to go back over then you can find the corresponding White Rose Home learning lesson and revisit.

*Our current science topic is Plants.  Have a look at the BBC bitesize website on plants.  Watch any of the videos that you haven't already seen and complete any related activities.


Most importantly, stay safe, keep smiling and take a well deserved rest.

Useful websites