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Physical Education


at Alwoodley Primary School

Our vision is to provide high quality physical education and school sport through personal challenge and competition that will lead to life-long participation.

PE plays a vital role in promoting physical activities and a healthy lifestyle in a positive and enjoyable way for all pupils. Our curriculum aims to develop and challenge pupils’ abilities in a range of physical activities and sports – helping them to develop their personal fitness and learn important life skills such as teamwork, honesty and perseverance .


Every year the children have opportunities to take part in a wide variety of different sports including. These opportunities are as part of lessons, clubs or competitions that the children take part in.




Long Term Plan 2020-21


To ensure we have skill progression and a variety of sports covered throughout the academic year, the long term plan is created as part of our membership with The PE Hub.

Stay active during school closures



Below are some links to websites, videos and documents to help you and your

children remain active during school closures and lockdowns. Doing a full PE lesson at home might be quite difficult but our aim is to give you as many different/alternative ideas in order to keep fit and keep moving.


Please feel free to send any ideas/photos of successful PE learning at home to    and we will share these with the whole school and celebrate the active learning taking place at home.

UK Active Move Crew

Click on the link below to find a wide range of videos containing fun activities demonstrated by our UK athletes.  There is something for everyone dance, fitness, and skill-based challenges.

Youth Sports Trust

Click on the link below to watch videos of a sports after school club. There are videos uploaded throughout the week for children to join in with, stay active and give parents some additional time to work from home.

NC document for Physical Education KS1 and KS2

SMSC in Physical Education

Physical Education policy

Local partnerships

Working in partnership to make PE and sports

a thoroughly memorable and meaningful experience for all of our pupils.