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Reception Gallery

Winter - Spring 1


We are enjoying learning the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' story. Together, we have created a physical story map using puppets and small world toys and the teacher has shown us how to create a drawn story map.

We have been learning a poem about snowflakes. We have practised performing it in our groups and then performed it to our class.

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In groups, we have thought of words to describe snowflakes and used them to write our poems together.

Fletcher and the Falling Snowflake


We read Fletcher and the Falling Snowflake and talked about what season the story was set in. We then went on a winter walk and looked at how the environment had changed. As we went on the walk, we used a checklist to identify the different things that we had seen. It was very cold!!!

In groups, the children drew pictures to create a list of things we would need to wear in the winter. They then used their segmenting skills to try to label the pictures. As a group, we wrote a simple sentence e.g. Put on a hat.


We have been using objects to find different ways of making 7 and we have also been looking at the different ways we can make 7.

The children have been using numicon tiles and objects to find the different pairs that make 6.

DT - Understanding the World

The children have been creating pictures of snowmen independently. They have used a variety of resources and practised their cutting skills.

Art-Expressive Arts and Design

We have been creating winter pictures using wintery coloured paints and pom poms. Once we had finished, we cut out a photograph of ourselves and stuck it onto the winter scene.

We have been tearing strips of different types of paper to create snowflakes.

The children selected different media to create a picture of a snowman.



The Gruffalo's Child

The children enjoyed listening to the story and thinking about the different settings within it. We focused on the setting of the cave and the snowy wood and thought about words to describe the setting.


It was very exciting that it snowed this week and we used the snow in the tuff tray to help the children develop their vocabulary to describe how the snow felt. 


The children also create a simple map using our tuff tray and puppets. We were very good a remembering the order that the Gruffalo's Child saw the animals. 

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The children have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. They learnt the repeated refrains within the story and told the story in the correct order. The children carried out different activities based around the story.

Using mud and sticks to develop pencil control to draw Baby Bear.


The children enjoyed selecting, rotating and manipulating shapes to develop spatial reasoning skills to create different models.

We have been looking at the composition of numbers from 1 to 5. We have used different manipulatives to help us. 

We enjoyed making repeating patterns

All About Number Two

D.T.-Knowledge and Understanding and Physical Development


The children have been creating a special Christmas Punch for somebody in their family. They selected the different fruit and juices that they wanted to put into their punch. After they had chosen their ingredients, each child had to chop the fruit that they had chosen and pour the juice/s that they had selected. The children decorated the cup that they placed their juice in. 


Geography-Knowledge and Understanding


After we went on our Autumn walk to look at how the trees had changed in our school grounds, we went on the same route to identify man-made and natural features. We then drew what we saw onto a tree map. 

Science-Knowledge and Understanding


The children have enjoyed finding out who can make the brussel sprout travel the furthest and the fastest down the cardboard tube. They tested whether making one side of the cardboard tube higher would mean the brussel sprout would go further.

We have been predicting which objects would float and sink and then we tested if the children's predictions were correct.

We went on an Autumn walk to look at the changes that have happened in Autumn. We looked closely at the trees, collected leaves and were fascinated by the dew on the grass.

RE-Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Reception have been learning about Diwali

P.E.-Physical Development

Our first two PE lessons.

Music-Expressive Arts and Design

The children have been really enjoyed learning new songs and trying to keep the pulse of the songs. During their independent learning, the children used the instruments to sing a song and keep the pulse of that song.

Art - Expressive Arts and Design 

Ice Painting

The children used frozen paints to create some amazing paintings. They enjoyed feeling how cold the ice was and how it melted in their hands to create their paintings.

For two weeks, we used different media to create firework pictures. We made some fantastic creations. 

In our first term in Autumn, we looked at the artist: Richard Long. He paints with mud and likes to make spirals and circles. 

We have been painting a picture of Baby Bear using mud just like Richard Long.