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Road Safety

Road Safety at Alwoodley Primary School


In Year 4, we have been investigating the local area and assessing the safety of the roads around school.  We think that it is important to highlight our findings and show you some of the work we have been doing in class.  Over the next few weeks, we will be adding information to this webpage and creating an informative leaflet with our suggestions of how to travel to and from school safely.

Fieldwork around school


Throughout our geography topic, we have been observing changes in the local environment, looking at a range of geographical features and assessing the safety of our roads.  We call ourselves the "Street Detectives" and have been very successful in our fieldwork so far.

Road Safety Posters


After our fieldwork, we discussed the problems that we noticed at the start and end of the school day.  We saw pupils arriving early for Breakfast club, children walking to and from school with adults and some arriving in cars.  We decided to create some road safety posters to remind you of the dangers we face if we are not sensible and alert.

Road Safety Newsletter


After a number of weeks researching, planning, writing and editing, the children have finally finished the Road Safety Newsletter.  The children took complete ownership of this topic and really enjoyed collecting all the information from a number of sources.

Some children spent time outside observing traffic on the roads, some were very creative and constructed some songs and others hunted online to gather trustworthy advice about the Green Cross Code.