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Buenas Dias Clase!



Hooray! Today is the first day of summer. Or is it? Well it depends on which calendar you look at - the meteorological or the astronomical calendar. Most people would argue it isn't summer until  the summer solstice on June 20th. What do you think? Check out the following website to explore further.


The teachers hope you've had a lovely break and have enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine. Can you believe this is our final half term of Year 3? Where has all the time gone?

After the holidays, Mrs Wray and Miss McLaughlan will be teaching small classes in school and will be very busy.  If you have any urgent questions regarding home learning, please contact me, Mrs Lambert on and will get back to you as soon as possible. I will be teaching in school on a Wednesday and Thursday but other than that, I will be checking my emails several times a day. You are still welcome to email Miss McLaughlan and Mrs Wray but you will need to give them a bit extra time to respond.





                                 This week’s spellings are the statutory spellings for this half term.                                                                              

They are the last set, so you will have finally learned all six for year three!



You can practise them on spelling shed too. They are saved as 'Summer 2 statutory spellings'    

              Can you write Wow sentences using the five finger check?     


                  Grammar: ‘main and subordinate clauses’ – if you have a pack this sheet is in there.                                         

If not, it is uploaded for you to look at below.

The following video will help.








Grammar Sheet



Please complete the FB4 to begin with to revise previous learning. A new one has been provided underneath.


Please see video on white rose summer week 4 lesson 1 on multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8.

The accompanying sheets are provided below because you can no longer get it on the White Rose website. However, if you collected a Home Learning pack from school, the corresponding sheets are entitled ‘The 4 times table’ and ‘The 8 times table’. There are 2 sheets for this.

There are some spare packs at the office that contain just the White Rose sheets.

Something Easier

Question 1 on both sheets are accessible to everyone and possibly some of Question 2.

Complete the worksheet containing pictures to help with understanding.

Alternatively, the following tablet game provides visual arrays but the children will need to be familiar with rows and columns to complete.!/media/1496767/the-array

Something Harder


Ext 1

What if the strip was 35cm?

What if the strip was 60cm?

What if the strip was 100cm?

Ext 2

What if the orange strip was 8 times longer than the blue strip and the total was 45cm.

How long would each strip be now?

What about if the total was 108cm long?

What about if the total was 198cm long?


                                                             log onto ‘Oddizzi’ using your class log in:                                                                                                         

Username: 3TM/3WL

Password: alwoodley


Click on the following box and then ‘Europe’.


Choose any European country and find out about it!

Could you write a postcard pretending you have visited?

Or create a poster advertising tourists to visit?